Tire crashes through couple's car on highway


SILVERDALE, Wash. -- A tire from a semi-truck came loose Tuesday afternoon and flew off before crashing through the windshield of a couple's car near Silverdale.

Aimee Blanton and her fiancé Jeremy Deiter were driving south in her new Honda Civic, celebrating the purchase after registering the car minutes before. They thought it was the car would help them turn a year of bad luck around.

"It was going to help me get a job," Blanton said.

But then something so unlikely happened. Aimee noticed a tire coming loose on the semi-truck in front of them.

"I heard a voice say, 'here it comes,'" Blanton said.

In a split the second, the tire tore through the couple's windshield, spraying glass across the car, before it landed between their seats.

"I ducked down to dodge the tire," Deiter said. "Otherwise it would have ripped my head off."

The couple says they suffered dozens of cuts from all the glass, but no major injuries. But their Honda Civic suffered serious damage. Between the shattered windshield, dented hood and broken rooftop, the damage estimate from the repair shop totals more than $4,000, more than the car's value.

They don't know if insurance will cover the cost, because they say they were on the way to get the vehicle insured.

Now the couple is using a loaner car, wondering what they'll do next.

"I hope it gets better from here," Deiter said.

But tonight the family feels lucky as well, for having survived such a frightening ordeal.

"I made sure to tell her I loved her this morning," Deiter said. "Makes me appreciate things in life more. Anytime, you could be taken."

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