Timber worker rescued after spending night 20 feet down sinkhole in Grays Harbor County

A timber worker was rescued Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018, after getting stuck overnight 20 feet down a sinkhole in Grays Harbor County. (Photo: Olympia Fire)

GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, Wash. - A timber worker was rescued Tuesday after getting stuck overnight 20 feet down a sinkhole in Grays Harbor County.

It happened in a logging area off W. Satsop Road, about six and a half miles northwest of the town of Brady.

According to Grays Harbor Fire District 2, the man was out surveying on Monday and marking areas that could be prone to sinkholes when one opened up and he fell in.

The man tried to climb out, but wasn't able to get out.

He was also in an area where there was no cell phone service so he wasn't able to call anyone. He did have a whistle, which he used, but it wasn't heard by anyone since he was working alone.

The man ended up spending the night in the sinkhole.

A co-worker arrived at the location Tuesday morning and found the man's truck still running, but couldn't find the worker.

He searched the area and eventually found the man in the hole and called for help.

Crews from the Thurston County Special Operations Team responded to the scene and helped the worker out of the hole using a ladder.

The man was able to climb out on his own and was not hurt, but was checked out as a precaution.

Rescuers said there was water running at bottom of the hole. They believe the water had likely washed out the ground under the area where the man was working.

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