Thousands of homeless in King County receive sleeping bags

    SEATTLE -- Hundreds of volunteers descended into neighborhoods across King County on Saturday to provide a sleeping bag to the more than 3,200 homeless men, women and children in the county.

    The act is part of an initiative called "Sleepless in Seattle-Seattle Gives Back." The campaign was created by recent University of Washington graduate Eddie Wang who says he wanted to give back to homeless people in the Seattle community.

    "My hope would be that they experience a little warmth from the inside and the outside," said Wang. "Ya know they have a sleeping bag to keep them warm through the cold nights and I want them to know they are loved."

    An online fundraising campaign was started in October that raised around $75,000, with more than 500 donors giving to the project.

    The Sleepless in Seattle team purchased 3,500 sleeping bags to be distributed on what's being called the "Big Give." Remaining sleeping bags will be sent to 20 non-profit partners around the county.

    "I didn't know where the money would come from for this project, and I didn't know how we would get over 200 volunteers, and we've gotten all that and we're bringing it together," said Wang. "It's just so cool to see people fired up about sharing something so meaningful with the community."

    Wang says this isn't about ending homelessness, but about showing compassion and meeting an immediate need for those in our community.

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