Suspected thieves steal cars from used lots in Lake City; take cars during test drive

Police investigate series of car thefts at used dealerships in Lake City (KOMO News) 

LAKE CITY, Wash. -- CB Credit King Auto Sales on Lake City Way is one of three places that suspected thieves targeted in the last two weeks.

“He just took it. Took wide. And flew right out of the driveway and flew right out Highway 99,” said Curt Bush, the owner of CB Credit King Auto Sales in North Seattle.

On Thursday, Bush says a man stopped to buy a car. He was interested in a car being detailed at another location in Edmonds. Bush drove the prospective buyer and once there, the man allegedly distracted bush and took off with the car-- a white 1992 Lincoln Continental.

“I was just standing there saying oh my god. This is crazy. I'm yelling at the guy thinking what I should do. I'm calling 911 on my phone. Trying to hurry up and call 911 and all I'm doing is watching my car drive down the road,” Bush said.

KOMO News talked to two other used car sales lots on Lake City Way.

"Klean Carz" says they had a car stolen during a test drive on December 12. The same thing happened to SNS Auto Sales four days later.

In both cases, the salesmen say the suspected thieves distracted them before taking off in the car.

CB Credit King says there's a $500 reward to help find its stolen car---the 1992 Lincoln Continental.

Police are investigating all three cases. No word yet if they are connected.

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