Thief pulls caper at McNeil Island, site of former prison, stealing boat and tools

The Washington State Patrol says this boat was stolen from McNeil Island on Friday, April 13, 2018. (Photo from Washington State Patrol)

McNEIL ISLAND, Wash. -- A brazen thief has hit McNeil Island, site of the state's Special Commitment Center for sexually violent predators.

On Friday, a "breach" was discovered on the island, which was the site for decades of a federal, then state prison, said Trooper Brooke Bova with the Washington State Patrol.

A small boat was found abandoned. It didn't have a hull number and was likely stolen, Bova said.

Then it was discovered that tools had been stolen from the Department of Social and Health Services, which runs the commitment center.

A boat, a 20-foot 1996 Thunder Jet, was also stolen. It is owned by DSHS.

It was last seen at Longbranch, Wash.

No one from the commitment center is missing.

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