Postal inspectors investigate as thieves target Port Orchard mailboxes

KOMO Photo.

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - United States Postal Inspectors are investigating mail thefts at the Port Orchard post office, after customers discovered lockers were pried open during the holiday weekend.

"That makes me a little angry but (there are) a lot of desperate people," says Darlene Potter, a customer who rents a mailbox at the Port Orchard post office.

The lockers pried open are inside of the lobby of the post office, located at 1125 Bethel Avenue. The lobby is open 24-hours a day and is not secure so customers can access their mailboxes.

Postal Inspectors said the post office was hit twice over the weekend and happened sometime between 8:00 p.m. Saturday and 11:00 a.m. Monday. There are no surveillance cameras in the area where the thefts happened.

"Yeah, it's crazy but is it any different than the guys who follow the UPS truck driver when they're stealing off of porches? That's just wrong too but it's the world we live in, right?" Lois Etienne said.

The post office lockers are used for storing larger packages. If someone receives a package postal workers leave a key in the customer’s mailbox so they can get the package from the lockers. Inspectors said it’s likely many people don’t know yet their packages are gone.

"We're still working to try to contact the victims to see exactly what items were taken so that we can start investigating possibly where those items were sold or used," Jeremy Leder, a US Postal Inspector, said.

The suspects did not access the retail side of the post office. Leder said postal inspectors are not aware of any thefts at other post offices in the area.

"It's sad because there's a lot of desperate people out there," Potter said.

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