The lucky flew in from Florida to Sea-Tac in the nick of time

The lucky few caught the last Alaska Airlines' flight out of Orlando on Saturday. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEA-TAC AIRPORT -- Just a few flights from Orlando landed at Sea-Tac on Saturday morning.

Those on the flights were grateful to be out of the Hurricane Irma zone

"We were lucky to get out before it actually hit," said Adam Waterman of Graham.

"They canceled all the flights except this one," said Lee Bennett of Orlando.

Dozens of people got off Flight 9 on Saturday.

It was the last Alaska flight out of Orlando on Saturday.

Marilyn Bennett, Lee Bennett's wife, said she "searched for four hours yesterday for just any ticket."

"We were lucky to get out because they canceled this flight earlier in the day yesterday," Lee Bennett said. "And then they reinstated it."

The Bennetts are heading off to a cruise in calmer waters on Sunday.

"We could sense the wind was starting this morning when we left," Waterman said.

He, his wife and their two boys wrapped up their vacation to Disney World and were happy to be home.

"You can sense all the resorts were emptying out. Traffic was going one direction," he said.

John Shell was waiting anxiously for his mother to arrive from Orlando. She's been on a cruise, then visited Disney World..

"They saw the flights starting to be canceled, then it was a mad scramble to get on the right flight home, either before or after.

His mother declared herself relieved when she arrive.

"It was kind of unknown what the path of the hurricane would take. So we did get her out. So that was nice," said John Shell.

Alaska Airlines says it has canceled all flights to and from Florida for the rest of Saturday and for Sunday and Monday.

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