The KOMO Water Cooler with Charlie and Taylor

The KOMO Water Cooler Podcast with Charlie Harger and Taylor Van Cise

The KOMO Water Cooler.

It's the new show from KOMO's Charlie Harger and Taylor Van Cise.

Every week, the two hosts take a look at the week's top stories, bring us unique interviews with newsmakers, and crack wise on some of the lighter topics we cover on the radio.

This week, the guys talk to the creator of the upcoming presidential reality show "The Write-In". Hollywood producer Michael Wilson wants to combine "American Idol" with the presidential race. Charlie and Taylor talk to him about why he's doing this, and the search for contestants.

Staying on the presidential theme, they have an interview with a UFO believer, who talks about why his community backs Hillary Clinton. Perhaps coincidentally, we'll also hear about the new Star Trek exhibit at the EMP.

They talk to an expert about the lasting legacy of the Aerosmith-Run DMC mashup of "Walk This Way" on its 30th anniversary.

Also in this episode: potatoes, high-speed car chases, and monkeys. You can listen to the PodCast here.

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