Texas gunman's uncle messaged him from Wash. state before shooting

Devin Patrick Kelley (File photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. - The uncle of the man that authorities say opened fire in a Texas church Sunday, killing 26 people, is a resident of Kelso, Wash., and says his nephew acted as a "coward."

On Monday, Dave Ivey spoke with the hosts of Northwest Digital News and said he reached out to his nephew, Devin Patrick Kelley, just hours before the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday.

"He posted on Facebook that he wasn't thinking correctly. His head hurt. So I private messaged him, and I said, 'Hey Devin, what's up? Are you OK, bud? Have a shot of whiskey or something. Life is good. And I didn't get a response from him, and then this happened," Ivey said.

"My personal opinion at this point - my nephew, he acted as a coward. He took a lot of innocent life, and I'm sorry."

Ivey said he last saw his nephew about 20 years ago, but they used social media to stay in touch. Ivey also said he wants to raise money for the victims and their families.

Authorities believe Kelley died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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