Tens of thousands still without power Monday as wind storm clean up begins

    A massive tree fell onto the roof of a home in Kent during the wind storm that moved through parts of Western Washington on Sunday morning. (KOMO Photo)<p>{/p}

    SEATTLE -- Tens of thousands of people still do not have electricity Monday morning after a powerful windstorm knocked down trees and power lines across parts of Western Washington early Saturday morning.

    As of 3:30 p.m. Monday, approximately 25,000 Puget Sound Energy (PSE) customers were still without power. Crews had restored power to nearly 300,000 customers since the height of the storm, according to a post on PSE's website. Seattle City Light had approximately 500 customers without power..

    Massive trees caused extensive damage to several homes and punched holes into roofs as people slept.

    "It sounded like an airplane crashing into our house," said Bill Red of Kent.

    The moment Red heard the loud bang from a massive tree that crashed onto his rental home during the height of the wind storm, he knew immediately what it was.

    "Just didn’t think of it being that one," Red told KOMO News on Sunday evening. "I thought it might be the one up front."

    The 60-75 foot tree took out the top half of another tree before it landed on Red’s roof and punctured more than a dozen holes into the attic below.

    Contractor Daniel Blake spent much of the afternoon Sunday building a support system to keep the tree in place until daylight sets in and the removal begins.

    "I would say we’re going to have some structural issues to deal with, as well, because of the impact before we can actual restore the roof," said Blake, who owns Renovations Unlimited. "So, it’s going to be a process."

    Tree branches whipped up by the strong winds punctured the back window of a car on the Key Peninsula, one viewer told KOMO News via social media.

    A couple of trampolines were picked up in the winds and landed on fences in the Orting area along Highway 162, another viewer wrote.

    And three massive trees narrowly missed Nadja Gordon’s main water line and her neighbor’s sheds when they fell and ripped the roots right out of the ground. There’s now a giant crater in the back yard of her Puyallup home.

    "I thought maybe the tree snapped and fell, but the whole thing came out of the ground. I just came out of the ground. I was like ‘So, there’s no fixing that.’" Gordon told KOMO News on Sunday night. "Still kind of in shock."

    She is relieved no one was hurt.

    Red is, too, considering how close his tree came to the two bedrooms below it.

    "Looking at the size of the tree, I’m feeling pretty fortunate," Red said. "There could have been a ton more damage. And actually somebody could have been hurt."

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