Tenino family appears with President Trump for tax reform

A Tenino family appeared with President Trump at the White House on Wednesday. (Photo: Screen grab from CNN livestream)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A Tenino family briefly stood in the spotlight on Wednesday as President Trump boosted tax reform efforts now before Congress.

Issac and Emily Howard and their four children were at the event.

Trump, who didn't quite get how to pronounce "Tenino," introduced Issac Howard as the owner of a company that services espresso machines and said that Emily Howard cares for their four children.

"They are currently in the 15-percent bracket and pay $2,500 in taxes. Our plan will totally wipe out their tax bill, and they might even get a refund of substantially more than $700." Trump said.

With their youngest child in her arms, Emily Howard spoke for the family.

"We are absolutely blessed to be here, so thank you, Mr. President. It’s our joy to stand before you guys. And what this means to us as a family is that we will be able to pour out into our community -- whatever that looks like -- giving away to families that are in need, or setting them up for success in any way that -- whatever God has planned for our family," she said.

"I think that that is our goal, and that we are blessed to have such an amazing president -- and what a good steward he is of our country."

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