Teen caught stealing from store after clerk collapsed gets 30-day detention

Surveillance photo shows suspects in Auburn gas station burglary

SEATTLE - One of the two teens who was caught on video stealing from an Auburn convenience store after the clerk collapsed from a heart attack has been sentenced to 30 days in detention, officials said.

The 17-year-old was sentenced Friday in King County Juvenile Court after he pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary and first-degree theft.

In addition to detention, the teen was sentenced to 12 months of supervision and 48 hours of community restitution.

A 13-year-old who was also seen in video of the incident is scheduled to have a plea hearing on Nov. 15.

Police say the incident unfolded Sept. 8 at a Shell station on Auburn Way South. One of the teens grabbed a pepperoni stick and began to eat it, then grabbed a second one and handed to the other teen.

After an argument, one of the teens gave the clerk $1 at which point the clerk became upset and went up to the teens to talk to them, police said. After talking with the boys, the clerk turned around and then collapsed to the floor from a heart attack.

But instead of calling for help, the teen took the $1 bill back then the pair left the store - but then they returned to steal cigarettes and take money from the cash register, police said, all the while ignoring the unconscious clerk on the ground.

"It just blows my mind. It breaks our hearts," said store manager Angela Sharapova. "We can’t believe that this happened."

Three minutes passed until another customer arrived and discovered the clerk on the floor. That customer asked others to call 911 while he began CPR on the unconscious clerk, who was later identified as Zarif Kalede.

The whole incident was captured on the store's security video camera. A man seen in the footage was later found to be not connected to the two teens.

The clerk was taken to an Auburn hospital where he spent two weeks in recovery before returning home to his wife and three young children.

Auburn police were able to track down the 13-year-old suspect a few days later in Tacoma, and then the 17-year-old suspect turned himself in.

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