2 Teens arrested for burglary after gas station clerk has heart attack in Auburn

Surveillance photo shows suspects in Auburn gas station burglary

AUBURN--Police captured two teenage boys allegedly seen on surveillance video stealing from a store clerk after he collapsed from a heart attack in Auburn.

The clerk is home after nearly two weeks in the hospital.

When Zarif Kalede and his ten-year old son Mazen re-live what Zarif went through in the surveillance video, they still can't understand why the teenagers were so heartless.

“Sad and angry, how did that happen? They could have like called 911 and run away,” said Mazen Kalede, translating for his father.

Zarif is seen having a heart attack while confronting the two teens about paying for snacks at the Shell gas station where he works.

After Zarif collapsed, police said instead of helping him and calling 911, the two teens stole money and left him.

“Left him on the floor, they looked at him, jumped on the counter took everything and they left him,” said Kalede.

Thursday night, Auburn police said they finally caught a 13-year-old boy in Tacoma, then a second 17-year-old boy turned himself in.

“He deserves it because he might do it with another person,” said Kalede.

After the father of three spent nearly two weeks in the hospital, he knows there's a chance he might not have survived.

"Very, very thankful," he added.

As for the teenagers, investigators said they knew who they were, but they think the teens have been on the run. The boys have been booked in the King County Juvenile Detention Center.

One teen faces three felonies including unlawful possession of a firearm and burglary.

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