Tapps Island on alert for brazen, pet-killing coyote

A coyote has been killing pets and worrying neighbors in the Pierce County community of Tapps Island. (Photo: KOMO News)

TAPPS ISLAND, Wash. -- A Tapps Island neighborhood on alert after a brazen coyote has been spotted near people's homes several times.

Residents of this Pierce County neighborhood said several pets have now gone missing after the coyote was spotted in broad daylight, lurking in people’s yards and on the street.

“We’re a little bit afraid, for our kids,” said Lori Stocker, who’s cat went missing a weeks ago. “I’m very concerned that the next step with this aggressive coyote is that he’s going to hurt a child.”

The Stocker’s cat, “Kitty,” never came back from a walk around the yard a few weeks ago.

Now neighbors four cats total, and a dog have vanished since then.

“Nothing’s being done, so he’s got free reign out here,” said Steve Stocker who walked 15 miles trying to find the coyote’s den to try and recover his cat’s remains. “He’s getting to a point where he is not afraid of anything and that is my biggest concern.”

Two days ago Julie Pearl said she saw the coyote in her back yard and near her back door.

She has a cat named Maury.

“I was boarder line hysterical,” said Pearl. “I was running around upstairs calling my family like what do I do?”

Now’s there’s no more free range for “Maury,” until the coyote is captured.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officials said a coyote is classified as a nuisance animal—so ity recommend calling a private trapper if a coyote is getting too close for comfort.. That's why neighbors want the coyotet gone.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to any of the kids, or anymore pets, they’re part of our family,” said Lori Stocker.

WDFW officials have tips on what people can do on this website.

Neighbors said they’re doing their part not to attract the coyote by securing garbage bins and locking up pet food.

Wildlife officials said if you ever a coyote never approach it.

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