'Talk about great neighbors!' Man solves snowy problem at Thurston Co. fire station

Neighbor plows road in front of Thurston County fire station (Photo: West Thurston Fire)

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Firefighters with West Thurston Fire are giving a big thanks to one of their neighbors for helping solve a snowy problem at one of their stations in Olympia.

The neighbor, who is tentatively identified as "Shannon" took their own snow plow and cleared the snow in front of the fire station's doors so the emergency vehicles could easily get in and out.

"This nice neighbor saw a problem and decided they would fix it," they wrote in a Facebook post. "Crews can now safely exit and (come back) to the fire station."

About 5-6 inches of snow had fallen in the area overnight.

"Thank you all, for your never ending Thoughtfulness," they wrote.

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