Tacoma musician searching for stolen clarinets gifted by late grandparents

Tacoma musician searching for clarinets gifted by late grandparents (PHOTO: KOMO News)

After a car prowl outside a restaurant, a Tacoma musician is searching for two clarinets gifted to him by his late grandparents 23 years ago.

Victor Prinsen is a professional musician who has played clarinet in several local symphonies and groups. He also teaches music.

Prinsen was heading home after teaching a class for young musicians Monday night, when he stopped at the Olive Garden along S 72nd St in Tacoma for a quick bite. When he came back out to the parking lot, he discovered his window had been smashed.

The prowler stole his electrician work tools and a bag of Christmas toys for his kids. But worst of all, they stole his two clarinets.

The clarinets, which were in a case together, are worth thousands of dollars, but Prinsen cares far more about their sentimental value.

His grandparents, who raised him with modest means, gifted him the clarinets in 1995 before he left to study music at college. They have since passed away.

“I never heard ‘no’ from them when it came to supporting music,” he said. “It’s my connection to them. I feel their presence every time I play them. It’s home.”

Prinsen says the clarinets are a LeBlanc Concerto set in a canvas case. The serial number on one of the clarinets should read “64650.”

Eventually, Prinsen will buy new instruments, but he’s still hoping a miracle brings that piece of his family home.

“I see giving that to my kids,” he said. “Even if they don’t play, maybe their kids will play.”

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