Tacoma man charged with second-degree murder, accused of clubbing mother to death


TACOMA, Wash. -- A 49-year-old Tacoma man was charged with second-degree murder Thursday for allegedly clubbing his mother to death with a liquor bottle in October, according to a Pierce County Prosecutor's Office news release.

Sebastian Samuel Levy Aldrete is accused of allegedly killing his mother on October 16 at an apartment building on 1st Street Helens Avenue in Tacoma, according to the release.

According to the release, Aldrete called 911 and reported that he and his mother had been attacked by an unknown intruder. When officers arrived, they found no signs of a break-in.

The man reportedly told police he was in bed when he heard his mother screaming. He then told police he got into a physical altercation with an unknown person and found his mother profusely bleeding.

When police arrived, Aldrete's mother was found in the bedroom of the home and was reportedly covered in blood and not breathing. According to the release, a broken bottle neck was found in the room.

Police noted that Aldrete had blood on his clothes and was sweating profusely while talking to police.

"In 22 years as a prosecutor, this is the only case I can recall when a son was charged with killing his mother," Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in the news release.

The 49-year-old's two sons were reportedly sleeping in the apartment at the time of the alleged murder. Bail is set at $2 million.

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