Tacoma doctor among Vegas first responders

KOMO Photo

AUBURN, Wash. - Despite the carnage at the Las Vegas shooting, as fate would have it the concert was packed with medical professionals and first responders all there to enjoy the music.

With so many shots fired and so many deaths and wounded, it was said to be like a war zone.

"This was the most devastating thing that I had ever seen," said Dr. James Sebesta.

He knows all about it. He recently retired as a career army surgeon with four combat tours.

He was in the crowd. His military and surgical skills kicked in.

He said, "People doing CPR, people trying to carry people and I just couldn't not go help them."

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He continued, "You were just running as fast as you can and grabbing somebody and going back and grabbing somebody else."

He was encouraged to see other medical professionals and regular citizens jumping in.

"Everybody that was on that field whether they were skilled or not, helped carry somebody off that probably lived."

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