Taco Bell rewards Ore. man who survived on taco 'fire' sauce in wilderness

    Photo creidt: Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

    WAKE BUTTE, Ore. (KATU/KOMO) – An Oregon man who survived five nights stranded in the wilderness in deep snow with only Taco Bell sauce packets for food is getting some freebies from the fast food chain.

    Jeremy Taylor, 36, of Sunriver, and his dog, Ally, are now safely back home after his Toyota 4Runner got stuck in in the snow on Forest Service Road 40, near Wake Butte. He was found by a snowmobiler on Friday and then rescued by Deschutes County sheriff's deputies.

    "The only thing that he had eaten over the last five days was a few taco sauce packets that he had in his vehicle,” Deschutes County Deputy William Bailey said after the rescue.

    Authorities say Jeremy Taylor did everything else right – like staying close to his dog to keep warm, and only running his vehicle through the coldest overnight temperatures.

    He also tried to walk out to safety, but knew to turn back when the snow was just too deep.

    On Facebook over the weekend, Taylor revealed to friends that the taco sauce in question was just three packets of Taco Bell “fire” sauce.

    Taco Bell is now responding to the revelations about the sauce's role in keeping Taylor alive by reaching out to him:

    "We’re very glad Jeremy and (his dog) Ally are okay. We know our sauce packets are amazing, but this takes it to a whole new level. We’re in touch with Jeremy and getting him some well-deserved tacos and a care package."

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