Suspicious deaths investigated at home in Duvall

Suspicious deaths investigated at home in Duvall (KOMO News)

DUVALL, Wash. – Questions linger over a tragic discovery at a home where police found the bodies of two people. Investigators said the deaths are suspicious, but insist there is no ongoing danger to the community.

Investigators said the bodies are of a man and a woman, both in their 40s or 50s. No one is being sought in this case, and no one has been arrested.

While gathering evidence, detectives questioned several neighbors. Colleen Idso said police also shared some information with her.

“What they believe is it's a homicide-suicide that took place over Fourth of July, and the cleaning gal, or whoever she is, came in this morning and found them," Idso said.

Neighbors said a married couple lived at the home and the husband was an avid hunter, but police would not say whether any weapons were recovered from the home.

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