Suspects in Lynnwood hate-crime attack appear in court

Suspects in Lynnwood hate-crime attack appear in court

Beaten, stomped on and called the "n" word.

That's how a disc jockey describes what happened to him inside the Rec Room Tavern in Lynnwood, Friday night.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office considers it a hate crime and is partnering with the FBI in its investigation.

Detectives allege it happened at the hands of self-professed white supremacists.

The Snohomish County Sheriff calls the case "disgusting."

In court today, and through newly released court documents -- including a probable cause statement from investigators, we learned what began as a typical night of music quickly turned violent.

In police filings the tavern’s DJ that night, a 37-year-old black man told police he was assaulted, hit to the ground, stomped on and called the n-word.

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He told investigators after the alleged beat down he was called the n-word and told by one member of the group, "It's over for you."

Police said the group took off as they arrived on scene, but 8 suspects were apprehended in two separate vehicles a short time later.

In the court documents, KOMO learned 7 men and one woman were arrested.

The arrested are described by police as "self-professed members of a neo-Nazi skin head group."

In the court filings, the DJ said one of the suspects used his equipment without permission, he told them not to, and when he asked them to leave, he said the group attacked.

Six of the eight accused had bail hearings today and the judge found probable cause for all six.

She ordered each of them to stay away from the DJ and the bar and set bail ranging from $50 to 150 thousand on pending charges ranging from malicious harassment to assault.

"There is overwhelming evidence that malicious harassment is appropriate," said Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor, Tim Geraghty, to the judge, regarding the case with a Bothell man.

The state pointed the judge to an officer’s report after he watched surveillance video from the Rec Room Tavern that apparently captured the incident.

Four of the eight arrested are from the Pacific Northwest, including, one man from Bothell and another from Tacoma.

One of the defendants, Nathaniel Woodell said he is a musician from out of town and not a part of the group involved.

He wasn't the only one who told the judge he's not a part of a hate group.

"I was not involved in that incident, I was just sitting at a table," said Woodell to the judge. "I have a son and a home I will lose if I don't make a payment on."

Each of the eight defendant's police paperwork lists them as having a gang affiliation with the Aryan Brotherhood.

The Sheriff's office said it is partnering with the FBI to ensure the strongest sentencing possible.

It also believes the group was here for a rally to mark the anniversary of the death of white supremacist leader from Whidbey Island.

Eight people appeared in court today, but two cases were continued until tomorrow for their bail hearings.

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