Suspect in gun battle with deputy killed himself

Police investigate the fatal shooting of a Pierce County Sheriff's deputy on Jan. 7, 2018 (KOMO Photo)

TACOMA, Wash. -- A 35-year-old man who died after a gun battle with a Pierce County deputy died from a shot from his own gun, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department said Wednesday.

Deputy Daniel McCartney was killed in the gun battle late Sunday night as he investigated a home-invasion burglary in Frederickson.

Detective Ed Troyer said one of the suspects, Henry Carden, was wearing body armor under a hoodie and that McCartney shot five times and hit the body armor multiple times.

One shot would have ultimately killed Carden, but he died from his own gun, Troyer said. It's not clear whether he shot himself in the head intentionally or accidentally, Troyer said.

A round from one of two guns found at the scene of the shooting killed McCartney.

McCartney was wearing body armor as well but was shot above the body armor. He could not have survived the wound, Troyer said.

Troyer described the house that was the target of the burglary as a "trap house" that was targeted for drugs, money or both.

Deputies have been called to the mobile home 18 times since Jan. 1, 2016, the Sheriff's Department said. .

He described the home as one of squalor with no beds and human feces on the floor. The only victims in the home, he said, are the 2- and 3-year-olds who lived there.

"Even Helen Keller would have known what was going on in that house," said Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor.

Troyer said conditions in the home are being investigated.

The father of the two little boys, Shane Barbour, said he and his children had just moved in. He told KOMO News that he knew his roommates had drug issues but said he didn't.

He said he had been in bed for about 10 minutes with his sons Sunday night when he heard noise at the backdoor and thought one of his roommates had been locked out.

"The other guy came through the window. So I ran to the back bedroom and pounded on Ethan's door and told him to call the cops, and when I turned around to run back to the kids. he was already in the house and had his gun drawn on me," Barbour said.

Barbour and his sons were forced into a bedroom. He wasn't sure why the house was targeted but thought it might be drug-related.

A 911 call was made, and McCartney was the first to respond.

"They bailed out the back door. and as soon as that happened. McCartney took off out back, and I heard him a couple of times telling them to 'Stop, Don't move.' and I figured he pretty much had them ," Barbour said. Then he heard shots."

Barbour and his children are staying with his grandmother. The boys' mother is in drug treatment.

Among other updates provided by the Sheriff's Department:

-- The second suspect who was arrested, Frank William Pawul, 32, was caught by a security camera climbing a fence and hiding in a garbage can.

-- The 52-year-old woman who was also arrested was supposed to be the getaway driver. But she left when deputies arrived. There may be more arrests.

-- Troyer said investigators believe both suspects had guns.

-- Safes were recovered that we apparently taken from the house, Troyer said.

Pastor said his department is understaffed and has to cover a large geographic area. The department needs more deputies.

McCartney was patrolling by himself Sunday night.

Troyer said the department has less than one deputy for every 1,000 residents and that many surrounding agencies have two officers for every 1,000 residents.

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