Survivor's father speaks out following fatal Mukilteo shooting: 'He's shocked'

Paul Kramer speaks during a news conference at Harborview Medical Center. August 2, 2016.

SEATTLE -- Paul Kramer, whose son Will was wounded in the Mukilteo shooting attack, described to a news conference at Harborview Medical Center on Tuesday how his son managed to survive the attack and call police.

"Will is a strong young man," Paul Kramer said. Kramer says his 18-year-old son was released from Harborview's ICU Monday night.

According to Kramer, after his son was shot, he crawled under the bushes, dialed 911, and waited for police to arrive.

The three victims killed in the attack -- Anna Bui, Jake Long and Jordan Ebner -- all graduated from Kamiak High School last year, as did Will.

"Life is so precious. I pray that we collectively find ways to live in peace, in harmony and in love," Kramer said. "I never dreamed that something like this could or would have happened."

Doctors say a bullet went through Will's chest, fragmented, and exited through his shoulder blade.

"Gun shot wounds are not like the movies," a Harborview doctor said during the news conference. "Will was very fortunate to have been shot in the chest with the rifle. His shoulder blade probably protected him from a more serious injury."

Doctors said Will is responding well to treatment, and is in stable condition. Doctors said Will would be spending two to five more days in the hospital, and because of his young age and health, he should recover quickly.

Kramer described the relationship his son and his friends had with the accused shooter, Allen Ivanoff.

"Will and his circle of friends were friendly towards Allen in high school, and he could not understand how this could have happened," Kramer said. "He's beyond surprised, he's shocked. He can't find a way to believe it or comprehend it. It's unbelievable to him."

Kramer hopes there can be changes to current gun-buying laws, and says if possible, he hopes the tragedy can also serve as a learning experience.

"He couldn't buy a six-pack of beer, but he could buy an assault weapon," Kramer said, telling a crowded room he had heard others use that phrase before. "There are some people who should not have access to guns, and some guns people shouldn't have access to at all."

Documents show Ivanoff knew all of the victims. He and victim Anna Bui had reportedly been dating, with Bui's breaking up with Ivanoff after she returned home from a recent trip to Europe.

About 15-20 people were partying at a home in the Chennault Beach neighborhood when gunfire broke out around 12:30 a.m. Saturday, according to Mukilteo Police.

Court documents released Monday show Ivanov described the shooting to police after he was arrested on Interstate 5 in Chehalis.

Ivanov said he had bought an AR-15 rifle a week earlier and thought of it as "a symbol of power." He was angry that Bui had moved on with her life and was dating other men.

Ivanov told police that he put his rifle in the trunk of his car on Thursday. On Friday, he went to a house party in the Chennault Beach neighborhood in Mukilteo.

Documents say Ivanov crept up to the house, and saw Bui with another man. He got mad and returned to his car. He got out his manual for the rifle to learn how to operate it and returned, he told police.

Ivanov shot one man, then Bui and a second man. He left only when he ran out of bullets, he told police.

Ivanov was charged Tuesday with three counts of aggravated first-degree murder. A conviction on those charges could bring the death penalty. He faces those charges in the deaths of Bui, Jacob Long and Jordan Ebner. All were 19.

Ivanov has been charged with attempted first-degree murder of Will Kramer, and also faces a charge of first-degree assault of Tristan Bratvold.

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