Summer break for these college students involves water, but it's not what you think

PLU NicarAGUA Project

SEATTLE -- Chances are, you think of water much like most of us: its always there.

"This is a big water bottle, and I probably drink four of these a day," says Pacific Lutheran University freshman Riley Dolan.

"It's definitely something that I take for granted," says fellow student Sydney Davies.

When asked about access to drinkable water, student Nathan Olsen adds,"I've always believed it's an issue that's so present in society. But its so easy to forget."

This group of students from PLU's School of Business are headed to Leon, Nicaragua this summer, to help a community with one of life's most basic needs: clean water.

"It's the opportunity to really be passionate about something," says Olsen.

They plan to help build wells, test water and teach people how to keep the water supply fresh and clean.

Riley Dolan is looking forward to the trip.

"I'm from a small town, and so there's not a whole lot of opportunities like this to go to another country and to really work on a problem as important as clean water," Dolan said.

Dolan says it's still hard to imagine not everyone has access to clean water.

"Even our toilet water. That water can still be cleaner than what other people in other countries have to drink," Dolan said.

What makes this trip unique is the mentoring aspect. Sydney Davies says they're bringing along a local high schooler.

"Her name is Lilly. She's really sweet," says Davies. "I kind of started hanging out with her and seeing her as more like, not a high schooler, if that makes sense. More of just someone who happens to be coming on the trip with us."

This trip is more than a mission, it's also a chance to inspire younger kids.

"We'll also be going to schools, possibly working with classrooms to tell them about our project, maybe work together for fundraising," says Dolan. "So yeah, just to have that impact."

The group is currently fundraising to make the trip to build a well. You can help by going to You're giving more than water; this is more of a chance to engage the younger ones in a serious world concern.

"We don't realize how blessed we are to have these resources right in front of us and at our fingertips," says Davies.

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