Stuck in grunge? Overly casual? How to buck some Seattle style trends

Antonio Smith, Seattle Gents

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Long known for its grunge fashion sense, the greater Seattle area's new trend, especially among the techie set, is what some call overly casual. A number of single women have now weighed in on this trend, saying they'd really like to see their dates dress up a bit!

This is part of the reason that Antonio Smith and Avi Soor co-founded Seattle Gents, to get social influencers who enjoy fashion, collaborating together and helping others navigate their way into more style.

"People come and they're wondering where is all the fashion at?" Soor explained.

Seattle Gents is joined by Tannya Bernadette stylist Jen Saul in this quest to help men find their own style. Together, they showed off a few trendy outfits at Seattle Thread Company.

Some of the current trends that some men might really enjoy trying are casual yet stylistic.

"What's really in this year is the sneaker," said Saul, pointing to Soor's feet. "Look at how it kind of lightens up the tone a little bit. You still have a good professional look."

Soor chimed in, saying the hint to really making this look work is to wear no-show socks.

And in Seattle's canvas of gray and black, Saul suggests adding some color.

She styled Smith's outfit with a very versatile pair of charcoal slacks, then paired it with a green floral print shirt stopped with a light gray, unconstructed blazer.

"And when you want to stand out a little bit, a pocket square is a great idea," said Jen, pointing to a bold floral one she tucked in the jacket's breast pocket.

Personally, Smith says he likes to add to color on his feet! Holding up a pair of bright socks from a rack inside Seattle Thread Company, Smith said, "I actually bought these socks here. They kind of have a cool tribal look and since I do a lot of international trips, this kind of pattern is really cool to me. And I even wear them to the gym, you know what I mean, I just like to have a little expression. A little pop of color I think is important."

Whether it's a job interview or a date, making a statement with style, she said, can get you noticed.

"Confidence and style go hand in hand and I think when you feel good about what you're wearing, you're going to own that room," said Saul.

Regardless of gender, Saul said it's all about creating a personal style. For instance, she said there are men who really know how to make a plaid, flannel shirt look great. Saul suggests layering it with a contrasting vest or casual jacket.

Either look is perfect for Seattle's unpredictable spring weather.

Not sure how to create a style? Smith has a suggestion; "Looking at magazines is a really good way to look at what's hot, and what's not. I like that idea. I actually do that quite a bit as well," he said.

This team is helping style men and gain confidence. Buy tickets for the April 3 event.

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