'Stay Alive for 75:' 1943 Seattle graduates celebrate 75th class reunion

The Lincoln High School class of 1943 held their 75th reunion at Ivar's Salmon House in Seattle on Thursday, August 17, 2018. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE - A celebration 75 years in the making brought a group of classmates together in Seattle Thursday morning.

"I just told everybody you were the best looking guy that's gonna be here," Jean Wren told one of her classmates as he checked in.

The Lincoln High School class of 1943 held their 75th reunion at Ivar's Salmon House.

"You really realize you were young once," said Wren.

They built bonds as wide-eyed kids growing up in a different time.

"I became engaged in high school," said Pauline Wells Diafos.

"I would't go out with a fellow unless he could dance," Shirley Cook Salmon joked. "Oh I was a real snob!"

Watch: Lincoln High School 1943 graduate Bill Bannecker leads class cheer:

After graduation, they dispersed. Some went to war, others just to work.

"We traveled all around the world, and now we all came back home to roost," said Lynn Dalthorp Davidson.

KOMO News was there five years ago when the same class celebrated 70 years. Now the group is all in their 90's.

"Out motto was, 'we're still alive at 75,'" said Bill Bannecker.

"Stay alive for 75. So we made it. Some of us made it," said Wren. "It goes pretty fast so enjoy your years."

A total of 14 grads showed up for the 75th reunion, from a class of 434. This was the last formal reunion they planned to hold.

Lincoln High School actually closed in 1981, but is reopening next school year.

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