Stanwood community mourning teen killed in car crash

STANWOOD, Wash. -- Friends and family of a Stanwood teenager are searching for answers after the boy was killed in a weekend car crash.

Anthony Comstock and five of his teenage friends were heading westbound on Pioneer Highway on Sunday when the girl driving the car lost control on a curve, went off the road and rolled.

Everyone inside the car was injured, but Comstock, who was just 16-years old, was the only person who died.

While investigators look into what caused the crash, members of the community are morning the loss of a well-liked junior at Stanwood High School.

"It's kind of a hard thing to deal with. I just don't want to really believe it," said Comstock's sister, Kelsy Elliot.

Elliot hates herself for it, but she wants to know why her brother had to be the one to die.

"He must have been sitting on top of everyone without a seat belt, and I don't know why it had to be him. I know that's really a bad thing to say," she said.

Katie Jewelgodin said she was Comstock's girlfriend until last Tuesday, and she's struggling to deal with the loss.

"I've cried too much," she said. "I don't want to cry anymore."

It's still early in the investigation, but deputies are confident that alcohol did not play a role in the crash.

"They said he wasn't wearing a seat belt and the driver was going too fast and she lost control and tried to over correct it and rolled it," Elliot said.

His friends and family are still in shock over the crash, but members of Comstock's family say they're surrounded with support in the community.

"He was just an all-around amazing person -- funny, outgoing and always knows exactly what to do to make someone feel better," Elliot said.

Comstock's family says of the five other passengers in the car, two or three are still in the hospital. They say the driver was an 18-year-old woman.
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