Squatters vandalize Snohomish Little League complex, leave drug paraphernalia behind

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    SNOHOMISH, wash. -- A local Little League group is asking for help after its complex was vandalized.

    The team in Snohomish says squatters moved into sheds at the complex at some point in the last few weeks and stole equipment and damaged sheds and dugouts.

    The league president says police found drug paraphernalia around the south Snohomish Little League complex, and she says this isn't the first time that's happened.

    "This is supposed to be a place where we feel safe and is where our kids grow up and play softball and baseball and get to be kids," said Snohomish Little League President Amanda Titus.

    The league says insurance will cover most of the damage, but it's asking the community for help paying for new lights and security to keep squatters away.

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