SPD: Man gropes woman, punches guard at Underground Tour

SEATTLE -- Seattle police arrested a man at the Underground Tour Wednesday after a woman was groped and a security officer was punched in the face at the ticket line.

Additional officers were called to subdue the 40-year-old man who allegedly kicked one of the cops who responded to the scene in Pioneer Square.

Police headed for the tourist attraction about 12:51 p.m. in the 600 block of First Avenue after a woman called 911 to report being grabbed before the attacker hit the guard.

The woman told police that she was headed into the Underground Tour building with her son when she noticed the man, and thought he "seemed abnormal." While waiting in line to buy tickets, he stood behind her, she claimed. She was at the ticket counter buying tickets when she felt a hand reach under her crotch and grab her genital area, prompting her to yell out, reports say.

A security guard grabbed the man and escorted outside. He attempted to talk to the suspect when the suspect punched him in the face, according to Seattle police.

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