South Shore students will be split between two schools

SEATTLE -- There's still no word on what's causing a smell at South Shore School, but we do now know where students will go next.

South Shore K-8 was shut down this week after the smell made a number of teachers and students sick last week.

"It was swelling up my throat and it was kind of hard to breath and after awhile it was hurting my eyes a bit," said student Staci Weaver.

Students will be in class next week, but split between two schools.

First through fifth graders will go back to Columbia, the school they attended while South Shore was being built. Sixth and seventh graders will attend class in a wing of Rainier Beach High School.

"At least we're going to be a different school without that smell," Weaver said.

South Shore's student start and end time schedule will remain the same.

Transportation will be provided, and district officials will be testing routes this week The district says all students will be transported, even those who walk to South Shore. Parents will be notified once plans are finalized.

The 54 Pre-K students will not go back next week as the district has to work out proper licensing to handle Pre-K in another location.

In the meantime, Seattle's Parks and Recreation Department is offering daycare at the Rainier Beach Community Center this week to give South Shore parents an option of where to put their kids as they await the schools to reopen.

"We're able to bring in a few extra staff people during the middle of the day when we normally don't have child care and offer all day care because they don't have other arrangements they can make," said Martha Winther with Seattle Parks and Recreation.

The center, which is open every night until 9 p.m. will charge a $30 per student and the center can only handle 70 students a day. Parents must call ahead to register -- you can not just drop off a child and expect there to be space.

Parents can register their children on a first-come, first-serve basis at Rainier Beach Community Center at 8825 Rainier Ave. S. For more information, you can call the center at 206-386-1925.
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