Sounders fans scramble to secure match tickets, travel plans for MLS Cup final

Sounders fans are scrambling to secure everything from tickets to travel plans to Toronto for the MLS Cup title match. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE - The Sounders are returning to the MLS Cup final to defend their championship.

Fans are scrambling to secure everything from tickets to travel plans to Toronto for the MLS title match

Die-hard Sounders fan Westley Lashley can't believe his beloved team is going to the MLS Cup again.

“It’s so exciting. Second year in a row. This is stuff dreams are made of,” said Lashley.

He was there in Toronto last year when the Sounders faced off against Toronto FC.

“It's nothing like anything I ever experienced. 1,500 of my closest friends in 25 degree weather for four hours. When it was done, I’ve never seen so many grown men cry in my life,” said Lashley.

As stores stock up on Sounders gear, some fans are still trying to score a match ticket. Right now, tickets are going for about $105 through official outlets.

Season ticket holder Chris Anderson also watched the Sounders in Toronto last year and wants to go again.

“Ready to do it. We did it last year. Ready to do it again,” said Anderson. “I'm hoping to go. I already got approval from the wife."

Here's what you need to know to go:

  • A select number of seats are reserved for club members.
  • Gorilla FC or ECS (Emerald City Supporters)offered tickets through a drawing Friday.
  • There's also a lottery for season ticket holders.

Anderson was waiting and watching when we met up with him at his home in Bellevue on Friday.

“To get a ticket, you have to enter the lottery, put $25 down. And if you are chosen, they automatically charge your card and give you the ticket,” said Lashley.

Both fans offer this advice if you're lucky enough to snatch up a ticket and travel to Toronto.

“It's a large expenditure on short notice,” said Anderson.

“I got my tickets through a supporter group. I got Alaska tickets with reward miles. I got an AirBNB,” said Lashley.

Flights could cost up to $1,600. So if you can, book using rewards points. Or, consider flying into Buffalo, N.Y. and then drive the rest of the way to Toronto, which takes less than two hours. Hotels could run about $250 a night. So again, use points to help cut down on the cost or room sharing sites like AirBNB and VBRO.

Lastly, bundle up.

“We spent six hours outside,” said Anderson.

“For dress. I would say wear thick socks and layers, lot of warm clothes. Expect to be out there for awhile,” said Lashley.

Sounders FC and Delta Airlines will offer 11 winning fans a chance to attend the match for free. “The Championship Flyaway Contest” ends Monday, Dec. 4 at 6 p.m.

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