Snow storm affects Seattle in variety of ways


SEATTLE, Wash. -- It’s been a soft start to Seattle’s Snowmaggedon in many neighborhoods across the city.

“This is crazy how you guys are shutting down the city,” said James Prentice who was enjoying a night out on Capitol Hill.

All over town events canceled and businesses closed. At Boca Restobar and Grill on Capitol Hill doors have remained open despite the falling snow.

“It took about 60 percent of my business tonight or more,” said Marco Casas-Beaux who is the manager at Boca Restobar and Grill.

The snow has had the opposite impact on area grocery stores.

“It’s been crazy,” said Pong Yee who is the night manager Thriftway in West Seattle.

But Friday night shelves were re-stocked and ready at the Thriftway. It made shopping a breeze for the Hisken Family.

“I think it pays to be totally un-prepared because there’s no one here,” said Ashley Hisken who live sin West Seattle. “So we thought we were not going to get anything but we show up and it seems like there’s plenty of stuff.”

Yee said business over the last two has surpassed even the busiest of holidays at the grocery store.

Our roadways are different story. Slick conditions prevented a 18-wheeler from making it up the steep hill on SW Genesee Street in West Seattle.

The trailer slid dangerously close to a power pole. It took more than an hour to pull the truck and trailor to safety.

“They should have a sign down there, ‘no semi up the hill’ even when it’s wet you’ll see them getting stuck up there,” said Walter Deebach who witness the truck nearly hit the pole.

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