Snow, rain make for messy drive around Snoqualmie Pass

Photo: KOMO News

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. -- The snow and heavy rain mixture got messy for drivers around the Snoqualmie Pass on Saturday night.

Relentless rain turned snow into slush, packing a one two punch for drivers struggling to control their cars on slick roads.

“Winter is here,” said driver Lee White. “It could be snowing, raining and sunny at the same time.”

One Snoqualmie Pass gas station became a refuge for driver’s tip-toeing through slushy mush and dodging falling snow bombs.

Pacific Northwest new comers are trying to adjust, while the pros said preparation for your car and attire is key and whichever way you choose to prepare, they said safety is always first.

“You just take it slow and one step at a time ,and you’re good to go most of the time,” said driver Barb Fuller. “You just have to keep an eye out for you and everybody else and be safe about it.”

For some drivers, the rain and snow are a welcome relief after heavy smoke from wildfires burning this summer.

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