Snow Day 2: Thousands remain without power as storm's chill lingers

SEATTLE -- The snow may be over, but much of the region is still dealing with its effects Tuesday, with slick roads, dark streets and houses, and for many kids, a three day weekend that has now stretched into a four day weekend.

The heart of Seattle remained at or above freezing and the main city's freeway corridors were bare and wet. But temperatures dropped below freezing in many outlying areas, especially the South Sound where temps mid-upper 20s not only iced up the remaining snow fall, but freezing fog was an issue as well, which means some very slick roads. One of the worst places to be driving is Pierce County where there's more than a foot of snow still left on the ground in some spots. There are 28 trucks out plowing nearly 1,700 miles across the county.

The slick roads has led to dozens of school districts to delay or cancel classes Tuesday. (Get the full list here)

For others, it's another morning in the dark. The heavy, wet snow caused a number of trees to either sag or topple into power lines. About 25,000 Puget Sound Energy customers remain in the dark, down from a peak outage number of just over 100,000 Monday afternoon. Seattle City Light had about 11,000 without power Monday but most everyone was back on Tuesday.

PSE says their crews are navigating snow and ice through remote areas - like Preston and Fall City areas - where roads are windy, curvey, and steep. After workers find the cause of the outages they then have to get the equipment and supplies into the icy area to fix it. The 25,000 outages are spread across 1,200 different locations.

Those trying to catch a flight will find Sea-Tac Airport in much better shape. Delays and cancellations were few Tuesday morning, a day after 225 flights were canceled and nearly 200 others were delayed by heavy snow and ice. The 7.1 inches that fell at Sea-Tac was the most the city has seen since January 18, 2012 and the most in February since 1990.

Mountain pass travel was also back up and running. Snoqualmie Pass was closed for several hours Tuesday due to high avalanche danger. Tuesday, there was still compact snow and ice on the road and traction tires were advised.

Another Cold Night, but Snow's Days are Numbered

We're looking at another freeze Tuesday night with lows dropping into the 20s to low 30s which means yet another morning dealing with icy roads, especially in the outlying areas that have gobs of snow hanging around. But relief is on the way. Another storm is approaching Wednesday, but this one is a much warmer storm. It is possible the precipitation may briefly begin as snow, but will rapidly change to rain showers with highs in the 40s. As warmer air continues to move in with the rain, Wednesday night will feel relatively mild with temperatures staying in the upper 30s to low 40s.

Thursday will be warm, wet and windy with highs in the 50s. It will rapidly melt the piles of snow in the outlying areas so be sure to keep an eye for any localized snow melt/heavy rain-created flooding around your home.

Then, a break from weather in general. Long range models suggest an extended dry period is in the offing starting this weekend.

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