Snohomish County storm causes tree to fall into home

Snohomish County storm causes tree to fall into home (KOMO News Photo)

SNOHOMISH COUNTY--Strong wind left a trail of destruction in the North Sound, toppling trees onto a house and a car.

In Snohomish, the wind knocked down a huge tree onto a grandma’s house on the 12100 Block of 56th Place SE while she was still inside.

Carol Stultz has lived in her home for 25 years with no problem, but in a single thud, the wind toppled a huge tree onto her house.

"Since 1970 and no one's ever had a tree fallen on their house,” said Stultz.

The tree took out her brand-new car and the family room she had just walked out of.

"It was really loud. It was like, ‘Oh my God what happened now?'" said Stultz. "It's overwhelming, I can't even imagine. It was kind of a bad week, and it got worse."

It wasn't just Carol with a close call. Not too far away, a couple dodged a tree that crashed onto their windshield

A wacky, windy night, Carol's granddaughter, Allena Radford, didn't expect to get to this level.

"It scared me,” said Radford. “Just, ‘OK, is she OK?’ That was my biggest worry, is she OK."

The only thing that matters to them is that no one was under the tree.

“Oh well, everyone's fine, there's nothing damaged that can't be replaced and no one’s hurt so that's all that really matters," Carol said.

Carol said she was told her house is still safe to be in. She has insurance and some amazing neighbors who've been coming by to help her clean up.

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