4 adults arrested in connection to underage drinking party in Stanwood released

STANWOOD, Wash. - When Snohomish County Deputies showed up at a party near Stanwood on Friday night after a report of underage drinking, partygoers yelled at them and told them to leave, according to a probable cause statement.

At least 200 people were at the property, which included many minors.

Deputies responded to the home after a woman reported her 13-year-old niece was at the property drinking with other kids. They also got a call about a man who was unconscious inside a home where his "heart stopped, he had no pulse and was vomiting prior to the call," according to the probable cause statement.

When first responders arrived at the property, one deputy said a man tried to grab him and others tried to block deputies from getting inside the home.

"That's not my concern. That has nothing to do with me," said Jahmil Watkins who promoted the event on his Facebook page, "Elite Projects." Watkins, 20, was one of four adults arrested at the party, which was held on a property along 28th Ave NW where cars lined the street. A juvenile was also arrested.

Deputies said Watkins was arrested for providing the premise for minors to consume alcohol.

"The house owner told me that I could have a few people over and that's what I did," said Watkins.

Watkins said the homeowner's son asked him to throw the party at the location -- it was the same location where a deputy was called to the week prior for a large fight.

According to deputies, Watkins had a $5 cover charge and was attempting to get 2,000 people there.

"Elite Projects does not condone the use of underage drinking or drug use and that's what I'm going to stick by," Watkins said. "If people want to bring their own drugs and drinks they can do that but it's not my problem. It's not my fault."

Watkins said he uses the Facebook page to promote all kinds of social events. According to the probable cause statement, a deputy said Watkins and his events are an "extreme nuisance" that have involved gun fire, fights, and stolen or damaged property.

Watkins claims he's now planning to shut down the group.

"I learned my lesson. I went to jail and I think I learned my lesson from that," said Watkins.

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