Slow down, move over or pay $214, troopers launch emphasis patrol

Troopers target drivers over the weekend

Washington State Patrol says slow down and move over when you see their flashing lights or work zones -- or get ready to pay. This weekend, troopers are looking for drivers who don't follow the state's 'Move Over' law.

"Get over as soon as you can, don’t wait til the last minute and if you can’t, that’s where that other part comes in. Slow down," said WA State Patrol Trooper Chase Van Cleave.

"We don’t have eyes in the back of our heads to watch for all of the cars that are passing by us. So we have to trust and hope that the motoring public around us is paying attention and following that law so that we don’t get hit and hurt on that traffic stop," Van Cleave said.

In the last three years, 32 troopers have been hurt and 86 patrol cars have been hit. State Trooper Chase Van Cleave says he’s knows what it’s like to be hit while trying to do his job.

"The driver, for some reason or another, didn’t see me, didn’t slow down and ran right into the back of my patrol car while I was in it. Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt too bad and they weren’t hurt too bad."

WSP suggests that drivers slow down at least 10 miles per hour when moving past a patrol car, emergency vehicle or a work zone.

"We’ve had cars on the side of the road, with their lights on hit and have people say ‘we didn’t see the trooper’s car.’ So, it’s really a safety thing," said Trooper Rick Johnson.

It’ll cost you $214 if you get a ticket for not slowing down or moving over. And by law, the fine can’t be reduced nor can the ticket be dismissed.

Over 3,800 drivers were stopped by troopers last year for violating the 'Move Over' law.

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