Sister fulfilling Army veteran's dying wish to give to other vets

Army veteran Jon Coyle lived his life for other veterans. He left everything he owned to his sister, Katie Garberding, with the wish that it goes to other veterans in need. (Photo: KOMO News)

PACIFIC, Wash. - His life mission was to help and connect with veterans. Now in death Jon Coyle is getting just what he wanted.

“Jon was a very beautiful soul,” said Coyle's younger sister, Katie Garberding.

Army veteran Jon Coyle lived his life for other veterans. Now he’s honoring them with his last wish.

“He sat down and asked me, 'if I die, would you please make sure everything I own goes to a veteran in need?' And I said yes,” Garberding said.

Coyle passed away Friday from massive heart attack and a battle with prostate cancer. The 61-year-old left everything he owned to his sister.

“It was a big sock to all of us,” said Garberding.

Coyle’s life revolved around his service years in the U.S. Army, fellow veterans, and the all the work he did at the American Legion in Seattle and Wenatchee.

Garberding has already gifted her brother’s car to a veteran in need as well as his living room furniture. His bedroom set will go to veteran Joe Mayo.

“Just thank you,” Mayor said. “You won’t believe what you are doing for the vets.”

Garberding said her brother’s goal was to always help his fellow man.

“I have to say, my brother had the biggest heart,” said Garberding. “Love for his fellow service members and all they’ve gone through.”

And that’s been proved by his generous heart, giving even after leaving this world.

Garberding still would like to gift Jon’s full kitchen, 14 tubs of gently used clothes and more household items to veterans in need.

It’s to fulfill his last wish to a brotherhood of service men and women not only in life but also in death.

“I’m just trying to make sure his wishes are carried through,” said Garberding.

Garberding is searching for trusted veteran’s organizations to get the rest of her brother’s items into the hands of vets who need it.

She can be reached at:

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