Shoreline college to offer classes teaching how to service Tesla's electric cars

Shoreline Community College's Tesla SolarFest 2018 (Photo via Shoreline Community College)

SHORELINE, Wash. -- As electric cars become more and more prolific across the American landscape, Shoreline Community College is offering a program this fall that will teach how to service Tesla's electric cars.

The Tesla START program will provide a 12-week training course giving students the skills to be eligible to work in Tesla service centers across North America.

Shoreline CC will become just one of four colleges in the U.S. to offer the program.

“Tesla is leading the charge toward all-electric systems and greater sustainability in the automotive industry, and this program will allow our students to be on the forefront of this cutting-edge technology and the job opportunities it presents," says Guy Hamilton, Acting Vice President for Student Learning.

The instructors and curriculum will be provided by Tesla and the company will work with the college to place students at one of Tesla's 76 service centers or mobile service plan upon completion of the course.

“The Tesla START program is an excellent example of cross-sector collaboration," says state Senator Maralyn Chase. "With the modernization of our economy, it is vital that our schools and businesses work together to identify the relevant skills students need to meet the demands of the changing workforce."

The college says the ideal candidate for the program is a graduate or soon-to-be graduate of a certified automotive education program with an interest in working on electric vehicles.

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