Shop for a cause: Domestic Violence Awareness

Sanaya offers a goody box full of items to help it spark change

SEATTLE -- October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. A local business woman and domestic violence survivor is speaking out, encouraging others to do that same.

Tannya Bernadette said the number of powerful women she's recently encountered, with their own stories of surviving domestic violence is shocking to her.

"And with domestic violence awareness, I think that the shame around it is that we have these beautiful lives that we show others but then behind the scenes you don't know what happens behind the closed doors,” said Bernadette.

Bernadette is a fashion blogger and stylist. She said her brand is about more than just fashion; it’s also about helping her clients feel confident.

So, while she's spreading the word about domestic violence awareness, she’s also donating a portion of her sales to a non-profit called "Break the Silence."

"Break the Silence helps people after their journey so they help people talk about when they’re in the situation how to get but when you get out a bad situation it's hard to find that group that will support you,” said Bernadette.

She also researched other businesses for her clients to support during Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Anyone looking to treat themselves or buy gifts in advance of the holidays, she recommends Sammamish-based Sanaya, which curates gift boxes with a theme. Sanaya is donating 15% of its gift box this month, labeled Fierce, to API Chaya.

Fran’s Chocolates is donating 25% of the sale of its special edition gift boxes, to Joyful Heart.

And Freedom Naturals is donating 20% of the sales of its gift set, to the Move to End Domestic Violence.

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