'We won't give up:' Family holds out hope of finding hiker missing in North Cascades

Rescuers continue to search for Sam Sayers who went missing while hiking in the North Cascades nearly two weeks ago. (Photo: KOMO News)

GRANITE FALLS, Wash. - Rescuers continue to search for a hiker who went missing in the North Cascades nearly two weeks ago.

Lisa Sayers said she hasn't given up hope of finding her daughter, Sam.

"I know she's okay. We're gonna find her, it's just matter of time," said Sayers.

Sam hasn't been seen since August 1, when she went hiking to summit Vesper Peak in Snohomish County.

Search and rescue teams have been out several times since, with no luck. Nine people were back on the mountain searching on Tuesday.

"That is the hardest part, the not knowing," said Sayers.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's office said some hikers saw Sam going up the mountain, but they never saw her come down.

"It's just numb. We don't know what day it is anymore. We just get up and focus on today," said Sayers.

She's been here from Pennsylvania since her daughter went missing. Monday was Sam's 28th birthday, and the family spent it without her.

"I battled cancer 10 years ago. I would do that again in a heartbeat rather than this," said Sayers.

They still firmly believe Sam is alive and waiting to be rescued.

"She's a survivor. And she, she just wants to spread love and hope to everyone, and when she gets home she'll see she's done that," said Sayers.

The sheriff's office said they make a daily decision of whether or not to continue the search. The didn't say when that effort might end.

"We love our daughter, and we won't give up until we know, until we have closure until she's home," said Sayers.

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