Sedro-Woolley clinic evacuated due to 'beeping' suspicious device

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SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wash. - A medical clinic was evacuated in Sedro-Woolley on Monday after a suspicious device was heard beeping in a garbage can outside the building, but an investigation later determined that the device was not dangerous and the evacuation has now ended, police said.

Police initially responded to the scene, a clinic near Peace Health United General Hospital in Sedro-Woolley, at around 10 a.m. Monday after receiving a call about the device.

Sgt. Dan McIlraith of the Sedro-Woolley police says someone called it in after hearing a sound coming from the garbage can.

The suspicious device was described as a 6-by-6-inch square wrapped tightly in foil with wires sticking out and making a beeping noise.

“It was the most realistic-looking device, other than a real one, that I’ve ever seen," said Sedro-Woolley Police Chief William Tucker.

The clinic, located in a separate building east of the hospital in the 1900 block of Hospital Drive, was evacuated and people were warned to avoid the area.

The Washington State Patrol's bomb squad responded to the scene and X-rayed the deivce. The X-ray determined that the device contained no explosives.

Tucker said it appeared to be a discarded security device of some kind, but it doesn't look like it was placed there intentionally to scare people.

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