Seattle weather to undergo rather radical change as week's heat wave breaks Friday

Hazy sunshine Friday morning about to be replaced by a cloudy Saturday.

SEATTLE -- Sunny, hot and hazy has been the carbon copy forecast this week, but the winds of change are blowing and it'll make for rather abrupt switch in the weather conditions.

Friday morning is starting out like the days before it: Warm and sunny, but a rare daytime marine push will be under way this afternoon as a trough of low pressure approaches. Already low clouds and cool, breezy winds have reached Shelton where the temperature was several degrees cooler than its inland counterparts. Later in the afternoon, the ocean breezes will suddenly pick up and temperatures will hold steady, if not begin to drop. Seattle will probably make it to about 80 degrees before the winds arrive, but by the late evening it won't feel like it was an 80 degree day.

Low marine clouds will roll in during the late evening and it'll be a much cooler, breezy night with temperatures into the 50s.

That trough of low pressure rolls right over Western Washington Saturday, making for a potentially active weather day with still relatively warm air near the ground and cold air moving in aloft with the low pressure center. This will make conditions ripe for showers and thunderstorms across the region. Some of the showers could bring a period of heavy rain or hail as well. It's a busy outdoor summer day with a lot of events planned so you need to keep an eye to the skies and be sure to get inside if you see lightning or hear thunder. Thunderstorms won't be widespread, so not everyone will get hit, but the entire region has a chance of thunderstorms.

High temperatures will only be in the 60s, maybe a low 70 out there. Aside from the lightning and the poor timing, it'll be a great day to refresh the atmosphere.

Showers will quickly end Saturday night and we go right back to our regularly scheduled programming of sunny and warm-to-hot weather. Sunday should feature sunshine after morning clouds with highs in the mid-upper 70s, then 80s are likely Monday through Wednesday before some cooling returns toward the end of next week.

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