Seattle schools: Thousands of personal files leaked to public

SEATTLE -- The Seattle School District is investigating how thousands of files containing private, student information was leaked to the public.

Names, addresses and perhaps even more detailed information was inadvertently handed over, and the district is desperately trying to get it back or destroy it.

The breach was spelled out Thursday in a letter to parents from interim Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland.

In it, Nyland says the he learned Tuesday night that a law firm retained by to district to handle a complaint against the district accidentally sent personally identifiable student information to an individual involved in the case.

Nyland said the district has fired that law firm and is working to "working to ensure that all improperly released records are retrieved or destroyed."

Most of the private private information belonged to special-education students, but Nyland said the breach may have affected thousands of students.

"Seattle Public Schools is looking into the exact extent of the disclosure and will be sending follow-up communications to affected families," Nyland wrote in his letter to parents.
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