Seattle nightclubs, bars learn how to respond to active shooter scenarios

    SEATTLE -- Employees from dozens of Seattle nightclubs, bars, and music venues met Monday afternoon to learn how to respond to active shooter scenarios as part of a training session organized by the City of Seattle.

    The training session was held inside The Cloud Room on Seattle's Capitol Hill. It was standing-room only.

    The session was organized before the deadly shooting in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, but organizers said it's important to be prepared for extreme circumstances. Nightlife staff from across Seattle learned how to protect themselves and protect their customers from potentially deadly acts of gun violence.

    There is no specific threat to any business or event in Seattle, training organizers said.

    The session comes in the middle of a busy time for many venues on Capitol Hill. Pride festivities are currently underway.

    "This is uncomfortable. Like... you're gonna have this class and the next class filled with people that are scared that have to figure out a way to calm their fears about the whole thing and that's sad," said Langton, Dapper Down Productions.

    Langston said Dapper Down Productions, one of the businesses that attended Monday's training session, has already had talks about the "what-if" because of the tragedy that unfolded in Orlando. They've hired extra security for several up-coming events, including Sunday's pride parade through downtown Seattle, Langston said. They've also hired outreach ministers in case something happens.

    The City of Seattle's Office of Film + Music + Special Events will put on another training for event planners at The Cloud Room on Tuesday, June 21. Click here to RSVP.

    The public is invited to another session on Wednesday, June 22, at Neighbours Nightclub on Seattle's Capitol Hill. It begins at 5 P.M., organizers said.

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