Seattle is second-healthiest city in the nation, new study finds

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A new study has ranked Seattle as the second-healthiest city in the nation.

The study, by personal finance website WalletHub, compared more than 170 of the largest U.S. cities across 42 key metrics. Criteria ranged from the cost of a medical visit to fruit and vegetable consumption to fitness clubs per capita.

When the scores from all criteria were added up, Seattle came out second best in the nation. San Francisco ranked as No. 1, while San Diego ranked third, Portland, Ore., ranked fourth and Washington, D.C., was fifth.

Seattle ranked first in its share of physically active adults, and second in green space. The city also has the third-most running trails per capita.

Seattle also scored well above average in other categories (an average score is 87):

  • 27th – Mental Health Counselors per Capita
  • 7th – Share of Adults Eating Enough Fruits/Vegetables per Day
  • 7th – Healthy Restaurants per Capita
  • 33rd – Dietitians & Nutritionists per Capita

Neighboring cities in Washington didn't fare as well in the study - but were still above average.

Vancouver came in at No. 49, Tacoma was ranked No. 69, and Spokane came in at No. 73. The study also found that Tacoma is tied with five other cities for having the highest cost of medical care.

Portland, Ore., ranked first for having the most healthy restaurants per capita.

See the full results of the study and methodology here ...

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