Seattle charity connects homeless with jobs to assist with snow troubles

Seattle charity connects homeless with jobs to assist with snow troubles

It's hard to see so many people living on the streets, especially in the cold, snowy weather we've got right now.

"If you look outside right now, and you see people who are homeless and you're worried about them, turn that worry into something positive for those people and let them rebuild their lives through working," said Chris Rylko with the Millionair Club Charity.

This is a huge part of the Millionair Club's mission.

"I was in the boy scouts before so I don't have any problems helping out the community and enjoying some of the memories I had as a child," said day laborer Brandon Grayves-Benevives.

For decades, they've been dispatching people to all kinds of odd jobs.

"Well I do whatever's required. I do landscaping moving - hopefully a warehouse job very soon," said Devin Berryhill, who finds odd jobs through the Millionair Club.

Right now, the Millionair Club wants people to know that they've got shovels and workers ready to get out there and clean up from what winter's dumping.

"Our temporary staffing agency actually operates all year so they can go out at any time to work in a warehouse or restaurant or do janitorial work. And right now, workers are ready to shovel or stack firewood," said Rylko.

"I get work and it keeps me out of trouble," said Richard Duren, who finds work through the Millionair Club.

To get into the program, and become eligible for work, everyone must be screened.

"And they're assessed, they get background checks, they're legal to work in the United States and everything that they earn is processed through us, they pay taxes and they're part of the economy," said Rylko.

Rylko said that 70 percent of their day laborers are homeless, the other 30 percent she said live below the poverty level -- and getting work through the Millionair Club often helped them avoid eviction.

"Last year, over 1,000 people who are homeless or living at the very bottom of the income scale here worked through the Millionair Club Charity and worked to earn over $2 million in wages," said Rylko.

And she added, "And those wages are often the difference between getting first and last rent for some to move into a home or to prevent eviction if they’re in a home."

If you're interested in hiring someone through the Millionair Club Charity, go to their website, or call them at 206-728-5627.

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