Seattle breweries brew special beer to raise money for California wildfire victims

Seattle breweries brew special beer to raise money for California wildfire victims

Some breweries in our state and around the country are stepping up and brewing a special beer to help victims of the Camp Wildfire in Northern California. In about two weeks, you’ll be able to raise a pint to show your support.

At Lucky Envelope Brewing in Ballard, they’re brewing about 15 barrels, which is about 500 gallons of the special beer called "Resilience IPA" -- all for a good cause.

Lucky Envelope is one of many breweries answering the call for help.

“This industry is very community-driven,” said Raymond Kwan, Operations Manager for Lucky Envelope Brewing.

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Sierra Nevada Brewing in Chico created a special beer called "Resilience IPA" in light of all families who lost their homes and everything they own in the devastating Camp Fire.

They sent the recipe to breweries and asked for help, hundreds have signed on.

“To get over a 1000 brewers together to make a beer on such short notice is pretty phenomenal,” said Barry Chan, the Head Brewmaster and co-founder of Lucky Envelope Brewing.

All the sales from that special beer will go to helping victims rebuild.

“They're a brewery that I really respect,” Chan said.

Lucky Envelope began brewing the beer Wednesday.

“The beer will ferment for another week,” Chan said.

Those at Stoup Brewing are joining the call to action. They began brewing the Resilience IPA on Saturday. They say it’s a chance to help make a difference.

“A tragedy what's going on -- what happened down there with the camp fire,” said Brad Benson, Co-Owner and Head Brewmaster at Stoup Brewing. “It’s really amazing the type of call the arms that breweries will do when someone like Sierra says, ‘Hey we need help. These people need help’.”

Breweries and their loyal customers will hopefully soon be able to raise a pint for a good cause.

“We expect it to sell out quickly,” Kwan said.

Lucky Envelope Brewery says it’s one and only batch of Resilience IPA will be ready by the second week of December.

Along with all the breweries, hops and grain suppliers have stepped up to help the fundraising effort too. They're donating supplies to the breweries that are participating in the fundraiser.

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