Saga of seagull who created nest amid busy Seattle ferry terminal takes another twist

A seagull that had set up a nest on a busy ferry loading dock at Coleman Dock (Washington State Ferry photos)

SEATTLE - A mama seagull who had turned the new drive-on entrance at Seattle's Colman Dock ferry terminal into her own private nursery is now missing her eggs.

The feathered mother has set up her nest Thursday on the asphalt pavement just a few inches from where cars and trucks come rolling in to the terminal off Jackson Street.

Officials spotted two eggs in the nest and had put up orange traffic cones near the nest to warn drivers to stay away.

Then, news came Friday morning that the mother had abandoned the nest sometime Thursday night.

Originally, one ferry official said the eggs were turned over to the Department of Agriculture for safe keeping, but the USDA said while there were notified, they never went to the site. Ferry officials later clarified there was a miscommunication and that no one has touched the eggs, and perhaps a predator made off with them.

Meanwhile, later Friday, a KOMO photographer found a seagull back at the now-empty nest.

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