Scientists seek backcountry enthusiasts to help measure snow depth

Ranger-led snowshoe walk - Photo from Crater Lake National Park.jpg

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves spending time in the snow? You might be able to help researchers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

A citizen-science campaign is looking for people to measure snow levels in the backcountry.

The scientists are hoping to gain a better understanding of snow depth variability in mountainous regions.

They’re currently recruiting citizen scientists, including backcountry professionals and recreationists, to help gather snow observations.

The snowpack data gathered by citizen scientists will be used to better interpret satellite and airborne snow measurements collected by NASA and other agencies.

They will also use the datasets to create better water runoff models.

The project is funded by NASA’s Earth Science Program.

The program, Community Snow Observations, says measuring snow depth takes only a few minutes.

You’ll need a snow probe and a smart phone with a Mountain Hub app.

For more information, or to get involved, click here.

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